The ZUKER ORGANIC BREWERY was born from a project developed over time. Our product is passion for quality and a continuous and meticulous search for perfection.

Federico Zucchi, after a long experience in the world of cooking and pastry, impressed by the movement and quality of Italian beer, starts as a homebrewer and then becomes a real and refined brewer.

The recipes created are able to combine a culinary past and a present brewery, bringing you to the discovery of organic beers, unfiltered and unpasteurized, unique flavor and projected to the future.

All of us in the Zucchi family believed in this project from the very beginning.
In 2015 our brewery was born, in which we put BODY AND SOUL.

That explains the choice of bio!

Tasting organic beer makes you rediscover more natural tastes, less manipulated and more environmentally friendly. For this to happen, the raw materials must be produced FROM ORGANIC FARMING, excluding the use of chemicals in all its stages.